Used in a variety of situations, we have a wide range of assessment solutions to meet our clients’ needs. Whether it is to recruit a new employee, identify development needs for the organisation for learning & development, succession planning and talent management, identify the best candidate for promotion, or simply assess a level of competence, we have the right assessment solution.

While these are the most common types of assessment needs, we regularly work with clients to assess safety culture, safety attitudes, 360-degree feedback, emotional intelligence and team dynamics. The possibilities are endless, while the solutions we provide are focused and meaningful.

What makes us different?

We don’t just provide an off-the-shelf solution, we work with the client to understand the business needs and then recommend the most cost-effective and fit-for-purpose approach. We do use well established international partners and can provide accredited assessments from these, however, we often develop and deliver bespoke assessment solutions that really add the value.

Just as examples, we offer these, and many other solutions:

Case Studies
Situational Judgement Test
Personality Profiling
Ability Testing
Group based- Problem Solving
Role Play
Day in the life impressive exercises

All our assessments are available as either face-to-face, or virtually. This includes an exciting range of Virtual Reality options which are launching soon.

We use the following range of assessment providers to support gaining the best possible accredited assessment solution;


Podium 365


Mobile Team Challenge 

Hearts and Minds

Strengths Deployment Inventory

Tracom Social Intelligence


Feel free to contact us to discuss your assessment …

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