HSE Consulting

If you’re searching for HSE consultants in Oman who are highly qualified, highly regarded and the best at what they do, look no further than our consultants at Competence HR. We provide professional services to assist any organization; regardless of size pursuing HSE integrated solutions or specific requirements. Our focus is on offering and supporting our clients’ operations and projects through the provision of safe, reliable and cost effective HSE solutions. Our commitment to providing unparalleled service and consultation to clients is second to none.

We routinely work with companies across a diverse range of industries ranging from, oil & gas, construction, manufacturing, service industries and smaller organizations to ensure they are meeting all of Oman HSE legislation and statutory requirements.

We partner with our sister company in the UK Proactive Safety Leadership (PSL+) to provide specialist services in Safety Leadership, Behavioural Based Safety and Safety Culture development across a wide variety of operational environments. This is just some of what we focus on:

Safety Culture Assessment:

Safety culture embodies the value placed on safety and the extent to which people take personal responsibility for safety in an organisation. Often describes as the way we do things around here, it is the “personality” of an organisation, as it is a shared value of safety, and encompasses a set of shared beliefs, values, attitudes and customs with regards to workplace safety. We don’t have to accept a bad safety culture – we can change it. We should not accept a good safety culture – we should improve it – before complacency sets it and accidents happen.

Safety Leadership:

Critical to a safe and profitable  organisation is effective safety leadership. We work with clients to develop competence in safety leadership through training interventions, coaching and mentoring.

Human Factors:

Through PSL+’s work on Human Factors, we explore the relationship between human actions and the systems with which they interact and then focusing on improving efficiency, creativity, productivity and job satisfaction, with the goal of minimizing errors and maximizing performance.


Behavioral Based Safety:

While correct HSE processes and procedures ensure you comply and work within the law, we also believe that correct behaviors and appropriate attitudes are vital to safe systems of work. We are leading specialists in behavioral based safety underpinned with proven scientific measures which significantly reduce rates of incidents and accidents

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