At Competence HR, we pride ourselves on being Oman’s leading recruitment agency with a talented, experienced, and diverse team available on hand. Recruitment can be a hefty and time-consuming process and our aim is to take away the burden of the search and filtration process from our clients suggesting only suitable candidates for consideration.

To identify possible candidates, we utilize all the usual search methods e.g. Recruitment Portals, our website job page, LinkedIn, advertising, and our extensive database. Most importantly, we utilize our network both within Oman and abroad. Using various recruitment methodologies such as, Executive Search, Normal Recruitment and Ad Management, you can rest assured that Competence HR has your next recruitment need covered.

We work extensively in the following areas:

Executive Search may be required if the position in question is a very senior one or is of a sensitive nature and needs to be handled confidentially. Also known as headhunting, this form of recruitment is typically known for its proactive approach and does not solely rely on traditional methods of sourcing candidates.
Typically, a client will approach Competence HR with a need for senior or highly skilled talent, usually granting us exclusive rights to work on the placement. After getting a detailed understanding of the client’s requirements, both in terms of skill and character, we start engaging with prospective candidates. These are likely to be passive candidates who are already in a role. Once the right candidate has been identified, introductions can be made with the client. We may also play a part in remuneration negotiations.
To know more about our Executive Search service, please download our Executive Search Brochure here.
General Recruitment traditionally targets active job seekers – candidates who are either unemployed or are actively seeking a new role. This usually happens through conventional channels, e.g. job boards, online ads, and social media. At Competence HR, we would like to understand our clients and their business needs to enable us finding the right candidate.
On confirmation of the vacancy, we will liaise with the client regarding the job description as well the person specification. To identify the largest pool of possible candidates, we advertise all vacancies on both, our company website and our linked-in group, to which applicants can apply directly. We also utilise search engines, recruitment portals, and our extensive database. Most importantly, we use our personal and professional networks to find the people who are currently undertaking the same job (or who are ready for the next step-up) to see if they would be interested in a change.
Advertisement management can be undertaken using the Competence HR name if confidentiality is of the matter. However, many of our clients wish to advertise their vacancies under their own name, using the opportunity to promote their brand as an ‘employer of choice’ which increases the number of applicants. Either way, we can help!
Often, hundreds and thousands of CVs, depending on the popularity of the jobs, are received. We would take away the burden by creating a relevant shortlist through using various filtration methods such as rating, ranking, and interviewing. The client will finally be given the top 5 candidates to be interviewed per job.

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